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September 7 2001 International Day of Action Against Video Surveillance
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UK Public CCTV Surveillance Regulation Campaign
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Traffic Cameras
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Advanced Traffic Management System
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Taxi Cameras
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FAQ: Privacy & CCTV
FAQ: Video Camera Surveillance

Guidelines, effects and recomendations
Guide to Using Surveillance Cameras in Public Areas
OIPC - Public Surveillance System Privacy Guidelines
Guidelines on Overt Video Surveillance
British Columbia Privacy Guidelines
NY Legislature to debate courtroom cameras [October 98]
Cameras can influence courtroom. [October 98]
Is TV News Opening Doors Better Left Closed? [may 18, 1998]
Privacy Guidelines for Use of Video Surveillance Technology by Public Bodies
Surveillance system guidelines (Colorado Gaming)
Guidelines (school)
Guidelines for Field Applications of Imaging Technologies

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CCTV Info Website
Intro to CCTV
Big Brother Awards
Static TV
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CCTV facts and theory
CCTV Glossary
Video Surveillance in the Workplace